By carrying out this transnational project we aim to embrace local knowledge of OPMDs, ensuring information offered is correctly based upon local guidelines. By utilising a freely available online platform, we ensure European-wide accessibility.

Consequently, we aim:

  • To provide an e-learning tool, promoting knowledge and treatment off. This will be accessible to European Union healthcare professionals and translated into several languages
  • To strengthen the ties among European Union Educational and Professional Health Institutions for promoting OPMD knowledge.
  • Increase professionals’ skills and improve personal portfolio, while taking into account the language /content differences between the countries’ education systems.

Overall, this project will be organized into several modules, designed to be used by healthcare professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, dentists and doctors. It will be freely available online and translated in several languages. By promoting the content of the e-learning program we believe a high number of healthcare professionals will complete it. Promotion will be in the forms of posters, Facebook, Twitter, articles and communication meetings.

Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders, abbreviated to OPMDs, encompass a wide number of oral mucosal disorders that have the potential malignant transformation, i.e. transformation into oral cancer. Many of the disorders are quite common, such as Oral Lichen Planus. The aim of this e-learning platform is to improve knowledge in the diagnosis and management of OPMDs amongst health care professionals. Dentists and other health care professionals are well positioned to detect OPMDs and arrange referral to secondary or tertiary care if required. This e-learning platform has been developed by partner universities across Europe, under the coordination of King’s College London and has been funded by the European Union.

This e-learning platform has been categorised by each of the OPMDs and also includes a self-assessment to test your knowledge, as well as an atlas of photographs of the typical OPMD presentation. We hope you enjoy using this platform and your feedback is welcome, please use the feedback link on the homepage.

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